Permission types

Each permission has the object type the permission relates to. For now three object types are supported:

  • ZAAK (case)


Each object type has its required shape for a blueprint permission. It is explained in the details in Blueprint permissions.

Each permission provides the right to perform one of the following types of operations:

  • zaak permissions:
    • activiteiten:inzien - to read activities of the ZAAK.

    • activiteiten:schrijven - to add activities to the ZAAK.

    • checklist:inzien - to view a CHECKLIST of the ZAAK.

    • checklist:schrijven - to edit a CHECKLIST of the ZAAK.

    • checklisttypes:inzien - to view the CHECKLISTTYPE of the ZAAK.

    • checklisttypes:schrijven - to edit the CHECKLISTTYPE of the ZAAK.

    • zaken:aanmaken - to create the ZAAK.

    • zaken:add-documents - to add INFORMATIEOBJECTs to the ZAAK.

    • zaken:afsluiten - to end the ZAAK.

    • zaken:create-status - to set a STATUS on the ZAAK.

    • zaken:geforceerd-bijwerken - to force edit the ZAAK (after setting a RESULTAAT).

    • zaken:inzien - to see the ZAAK details.

    • zaken:lijst-documenten - to view the list of INFORMATIEOBJECTs related to the ZAAK.

    • zaken:nieuwe-relaties-toevoegen - to add new relations to the ZAAK.

    • zaken:set-result - to set a RESULTAAT on a ZAAK.

    • zaken:toegang-aanvragen - to request access to the ZAAK.

    • zaken:toegang-verlenen - to manage access to the ZAAK.

    • zaken:wijzigen - to modify the ZAAK for example to change the confidentiality level.

    • zaakproces:starten - to start a process related to the ZAAK in camunda.

    • zaakproces:usertasks-uitvoeren - to perform Camunda tasks.

    • zaakproces:send-bpmn-message - to send messages in the Camunda process.

  • document permissions:
    • zaken:download-documents - to see the metadata and content of the document.

    • zaken:update-documents - to update the content of the document.

The permissions used only in the old version of the ZAC:

  • zaak permissions:
    • zaken:afsluiten - to close the ZAAK.

    • zaken:set-result - to set result to the ZAAK.

    • zaken:create-status - to add status to the ZAAK.

They can be grouped into roles for blueprint permissions. It is explained in the details in the “Blueprint permission” subsection.